Wendy Herrera

Obtained her Cosmetology license while in high school but began her professional growth while being groomed in the legendary salon of Vidal Sassoon in SoBe in the beginning of 2008.  Over the next couple of years and under the tutelage of some of the worlds most renown educators, in Sassoon Wendy crafted her, now elite, skills in the art of haircutting and color.   With years of such prestigious training and experience under her belt, Wendy began to be in hot demand.  Leaving her first professional home was difficult but challenging herself and doing what it takes to succeed is what Wendy has consistently done.  

In 2010 her professional journey took her to The Aveda South Florida Institute where she was hired as their Educator.  Over the next 3 years Wendy unearthed a passion for training young hair professionals, in the beauty industry, while also guiding them on the proper way to becoming elite hair and color stylist.  

After many years of overseeing events and garnering many awards and recognition, within Aveda, Wendy decided she need to build her own empire.  In 2013, Wendy created ELITE HAIR by WENDY, LLC.  Since then her clientele and popularity, as one of the most talented master stylists in South Florida, has grown immensely.   With the sky as her limit, the EHBW brand and empire continues to flourish, 2016 year is sure to be her best yet!